How to generate more sales from your customer email lists

E-mail @ symbol at the beach

Are you a business owner who has a long email list but are unsure how to best engage your audience. In this video I describe three things you could be doing to improve the way you use your email list. And if you make these changes you’ll be sure to see an uptake in engagement, […]

Cheap & effective retargeting ads

Facebook retargeting ads

Have you ever wondered how other businesses are able to show you Facebook Ads after you’ve visited their website? The strategy is called Facebook Retargeting, and its designed to get your website visitors to return to your website. And if you get it right these ads can generate more leads, more sales, and increase your […]

Get better returns on your Google & Facebook Ads

failed digital ads Unhappy with your digital ad results? Are you a business owner who has spent money on digital ads, but have been unhappy with the results? Whether its Google Ads or Facebook Ads, they do work. And if you get them right, three really magical things happen:  You get more quality leads. You get more […]

Three key reasons why your websites fail to attract new clients

no website traffic

By quite a long way, the cost of getting a visitor to your website is the highest cost you will face in digital marketing. Whether that’s SEO, Google Ads, or social media ads.  Investing in a quality Lead Generating Website will allow you to maximise your return on investment (ROI) on any traffic related spend […]