Get better returns on your Google & Facebook Ads

Unhappy with your digital ad results?

Are you a business owner who has spent money on digital ads, but have been unhappy with the results?

Whether its Google Ads or Facebook Ads, they do work. And if you get them right, three really magical things happen: 

  1. You get more quality leads.
  2. You get more sales.
  3. Your return on your digital marketing investment improves.

Have you had this happen to you?

You’ve spent money on Google or Facebook ads, you’ve had a really good click through rate, but you still haven’t seen an increase where it matters the most, in your sales?

Well, I want to quickly cover how you can increase the number of leads you’re getting from your ad campaigns.

Capture leads

Have a way to capture leads when they arrive at your website. This needs to be something of value that they’re willing to give up their contact details for. Capturing their details means they’re not lost to you, even if they leave your website without buying.

Retarget website visitors on Facebook

Every visitor to your website should be shown an ad on Facebook reminding them to book in a call with you. And for as little as $1.50 a day this is a great insurance policy on your ad spend.

Automate a follow up email campaign

Increasing the number of times they see or hear from you helps you to build trust and edges them closer to a buying decision. Doing it via email marketing allows it to be automated, reducing the amount of time you’re spending making calls and sending emails.

Ads done right

If you can do these three things well you’ll get more quality leads, you’ll increase your sales, and you’ll drastically improve your return on your digital marekting spend. Sounds amazing right?

Next step

Now, if what you’ve read or heard in the video resonates with you, I encourage you to book into a website improvement call with me where I will assess your website and come up with 2-3 things you could change right now in order to get more leads from your website.