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Google AdWords

When it comes to marketing, Google Ads are one of your best friends. These ads allow you to target a specific audience and drive high quality clicks for your site in order increase traffic numbers or receive more queries from potential customers.

Google Ad Options:

Google offers several payment options for their ads so you can choose the right one for you business.

  1. CCP or PPC: Cost-per-click or pay-per-click is a payment plan where you pay based on the number of times a user clicks on your ad.
  2. CPM – Cost per mille, or cost per thousand, is the amount you pay per thousand views.
  3. CPE– Cost per engagement is what you pay per ad that someone actively engages with your ad

Types Of Google Ads

There are several campaign options depending on your target audience:

  1. Search ads – ads that appear on search results pages. These are predominantly text based ads
  2. Display ads – image based ads which are shown on web pages
  3. Video ads – these ads are between 6-15 seconds and appear on platforms like YouTube
  4. Shopping ads – perfect for e-commerce stores these allow you to promote individual products before a user visits your site
  5. App campaigns – ads that appear on app extensions

Our Google AdWords Process


We sit down with you to determine what you want to achieve from an ad campaign, how much you are able to spend and the payment plan that would work best for your business.


We perform competitor, industry, and customer research to ensure that we design the right ad campaign for you. This allows your ad to stand out from the crowd, perform well in your industry and attract the right customers for your business. During this time we work out what type of ad will work best and how long to run the campaign for.


At this stage we photograph, film or write what is needed for the ad.


Google Ads are based on a bidding system, so we act on your behalf to secure the right payment plan for your business. Bids are ranked from highest to lowest and appear that way in the search engine results.


We collect the data on areas like click through rate and conversion rate to determine the success of the ad campaign. Search engines and user intent are constantly changing, so it’s important to keep on top of trends. If the ad is working well, we leave them as is and continue to monitor. If we think they could be performing better, we perform further research and make some adjustments to the ad campaign until we see improvement.

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