How to generate more sales from your customer email lists

Are you a business owner who has a long email list but are unsure how to best engage your audience.

In this video I describe three things you could be doing to improve the way you use your email list. And if you make these changes you’ll be sure to see an uptake in engagement, leading to an increase in sales.

How it usually goes down

Let me start my telling you a story about how the typical business owner uses their email list. They collect email addresses over a long period of time, from past customers, existing customers, and from potential customers. They throw them all into one big mailing list and once a month or once a quarter they send them a newsletter, giving them an update on the business or wider industry.

Three ways to get more out of your email list

1. Change your language

The simplest and quickest change you can make is to purely change up the language you are using in your emails. The content of the email shouldn’t focus on you and what is happening in your business. Instead, it needs to highlight the problems your perfect customers are facing, talk about how you can solve them, and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Too many businesses talk about themselves and the reality is that no one cares about your business but you. Your custoers care about themselves, so make yur emails about them.

2. Automate your emails based on customer actions

You want to move away from manual monthly newsletters towards automated action specific follow up sequences. This is where you set up a series of emails to automatically be sent to a specific customers after they’ve taken specific actions.

This might be an onboarding email series for a first time time customer where you run them through the things they need to know as your customer. Perhaps you’re offering them referral rewards or asking them to leave you a Google review.

It might also be a nurturing email series for a prospective customer. The information you provide in thiese emails will be completely different to those of an existing customer and again you’ll be honing in the their problems, how you solve them, and enticing them with an offer.

Or lastly, it might be a reminder email series for a customer that is due for a follow up. Many products and services have a life span and require replacement or servicing, so automating the reminder is a great way to remain engaged with your current customers.

3. Facebook ads

This one is a little more left field – and it involves not sending emails at all. Instead, upload that contact list to your Facebook ad account and target a specific ad to only these people. Facebook will match the emails in your list to Facebook accounts and create a highly targeted audience form it. Showing your ads to these people is a great way to increase your reach. traditionally email campaigns only have a 20-30% open rate, so sowing Facebook Ads is a great way to target the 70% of people who don’t open our emails AND its less intrusive.


If you can shift your thinking and transform the way you use your email lists then you can start to get a lot more value out of your exisitng customer base, and grow your avergae spend per customer, ultimately taking some of the pressure off finding new customers.

If you like to discuss how Silicon Palm can hlep you to transform the way you communicate with your customers using your email lists, book in a short discovery call where we can discuss the problems you’re facing and how we can solve them.