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A Cutting-Edge Methodology To Build Websites That Attract, Capture, Nurture And Convert Cold Prospects Into High Value Clients.

A Lead Generating Website
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#1 Get More Leads

Are you sick of seeing a high volume of monthly website traffic but a low volume of leads being generated?

#2 Win More Clients

Are you tired of wasting time on prospects shopping around on price, wasting your energy for little return?

#3 Boost Your ROI

Are you fed up with spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in digital marketing each month for minimal return?


Guide on How to EXPLODE your Website LEADS in the next 30 days

Learn how to attract, capture, nurutre & convert your visitors into high paying clients.

The Lead Generating Website explained

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How to build a lead generating website

The 9 Strategic Features of A Lead Generating Website

Strategic Feature #1

Turbo Charged Platform

A high performing sales team needs a high performing website, and there is only one platform that provides you with all the heavy duty marketing functionality at the best price. Don’t make a mistake and go with Squarespace, Wix or Weebly. You need to be using WordPress if you’re serious about getting results out of your website.

You need to be hosting your website somewhere fast. Cheap hosting often means shared hosting, which can compromise your speed. A slow website is a major contributor to lost leads.

Great websites aren’t set and forget either. You need to be actively managing the security, backups and spam, and you have themes and plugins that require regular updates to ensure your website is always at peak performance.

Turbo charged platform
Conversion optimised design
Strategic Feature #2

Conversion Optimised Design

Most website designers are focused on making your website look beautiful. But unfortunately, a beautiful website alone is not what is going to convert your visitors into high value clients. You need to have a website that is optimised to get a visitor to take action.

This type of website is very different from the kind of site a website designer will create for you. You need a website designed by someone who knows marketing, and that can squeeze as many leads as possible out of your website traffic.

Strategic Feature #3

3P Formula

Every page on your website should call out your Perfect Prospect, highlight their number one Pain Point and show them how your business can solve it with a Promise.

Do this and your website will grow your business. Get it wrong and your website will be nothing more than a pretty brochure. Informational – sure. Action inspiring – not so much.

3P Formula
3 Power offers
Strategic Feature #4

3 Power Offers

A visitor to your website doesn’t become a lead until their contact details are acquired. So your website needs Power Offers to entice visitors to engage with you.

The trouble is, not all visitors to your website are the same. Some are visiting your website for the first time and don’t trust your business. Some know who you are but are not ready to commit. Finally, some are ready to commit and want to jump straight to becoming your client. You can’t just have a single call to action on your website. You need a way to engage and capture each of these types of website visitors.

Having 3 Power Offers on your website, one for each of your prospect types, is the only way to dramatically increase the number of quality leads you receive from your website.

Strategic Feature #5

Lead Acquisition

Once a visitor decides to take up one of your 3 Power Offers, they need a clear pathway towards getting what they want. Get this pathway wrong and they’ll drop off before you have a chance to secure their details, killing the lead.

Your website needs a dedicated sales funnel built into it that carefully guides your prospect, ensuring both parties get what they want. A poor sales funnel will contribute to lost leads.

lead acquisition
Follow-up autopilot
Strategic Feature #6

Follow-Up Autopilot

How do you follow up leads that aren’t ready to buy? High converting websites need automated and highly targeted follow-ups. In The Lead Generating Website, emails, SMS and voicemail drops do the work behind the scenes to nurture cold and warm leads all the way to becoming raging hot prospects.

The Follow-up Autopliot works 24/7 so that you don’t have to. Every minute you don’t spend making follow-up calls and sending emails, is money saved. Leave your sales team do what they do best – sell. Not chase cold leads.

Strategic Feature #7

Facebook Retargeting

There are over 2 billion people on Facebook. Your Perfect Prospect is one of them.

Every visitor to your website should be shown an advertisement on Facebook to remind them to book a meeting with you. This is a highly effective way to get previous visitors to return to your website, and at a cost of as little as $1.50 per day there is no better bang for your buck when it comes to digital marketing spend.

We guarantee the majority of your competitors aren’t doing this.

facebook retargeting
lead generating website sales bookings
Strategic Feature #8

Sales Bookings

Don’t waste your time with back and forth emails or playing phone tag. Your website should be booking hot prospects directly into scheduled sales calls so you have the time to prepare your sales pitch, improving execution and close rates. Send reminders in the build up to the call to keep your prospect engaged and minimise no-shows. Booking hot prospects this way will reduce lost leads. You’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

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