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Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing refers to the social media work your business does which you don’t pay for. This is a slower version of customer engagement used to establish your long term brand, and includes posts, photos, videos, memes, stories etc.

As the longer term way to grow an audience, it’s the perfect partner for paid advertising. After your social media ads or Google ads have brought new customers in, your organic social media account gives authenticity to your business, and keeps you front of mind at all times.

Why your business needs to focus on organic social media marketing

Organic social media is the easiest and simplest way to connect to customers and create a direct line of engagement. It is usually used to:

  1. Establish a voice and add personality to a brand
  2. Engage with customers before, during and after they engage your services
  3. Build trust by sharing information about services, answering questions or filming tutorials
  4. Can be a faster type of customer service


The usual ways web users may find your social media pages are:

  1. A Google Ad or a social media ad
  2. Through a hashtag
  3. Through your website
  4. A shared post


download the social engine blueprint


The Social Engine Blue Print

Why choose Silicon Palm to manage your organic social media marketing

At Silicon Palm we are experts in managing social media accounts and building loyal audiences. We handle all social media accounts so you don’t have to think about it.

Our social media services include:

  • Planning content
  • Video script development
  • Video script coaching
  • Filming and editing video content
  • Creating and scheduling posts
  • Hashtag research
  • Partnership outreach
  • Implementing social media growth strategies
  • Monitoring the data to ensure each post is getting the expected amount of engagement


To find out more about how our organic social media services can help your business, contact us.